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Shiontech 100001 series probes

Benefits of Shiontech 100001 series probes over IDI 101267 series probes:

  • Larger compliance: Shiontech 100001 series probes offer 450µm of travel vs 380µm of travel offered by IDI 101267 series probes. Having a larger compliance allows for more probe card tolerance deviations due to probe card warpage or deflection caused by higher pin count sockets.

Benefits of IDI 101267 series probes over Shiontech 100001 series probes:

  • No significant advantage


Shiontech Alternatives
Shiontech 100001 series
3.3 x 0.5mm spring probe


In addition to the probe we offer above, we can also help you customize a probe to fit your needs. Please contact our probe specialist for more details on lead times and pricing. probes@shiontech.com.


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